Your free company branding review

How does this work?

After an initial meeting (if not local to us then telephone or email conversation) we thoroughly research the company including identities, print, company culture, online presence, social media and any areas of difficulty the company is facing.

What next?

We deliver a report via a pdf in an email with some options for dealing with areas we think can be improved. We suggest cost effective ways to solve any problems found. Then you decide if you want to put any of the ideas into action to improve sales and the perception of your business.

Why Branding Expert?

We have over twenty years experience in branding identities and have learned from mistakes we and clients have made so you don't have to. Our informal approach to helping companies grow has helped hundreds of companies over the years from a simple logo design to our most recent 3 year long rebrand of a company with a £30 million turnover.

Honesty and trust

This is not a sales pitch of any kind, if you decide not to take our advice that's absolutely fine, no obligations here. It helps us to see how all sorts of companies work and we learn from the experience of completing research too so nobody loses.


If you think we could help in any way, no matter how small please click the button below, we'd truly love to hear from you.

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